Kallie & Lyndsey



A small & intimate wedding submitted to us from their incredible photographer, Nicole of Nicole Caliva Photography

Tell us about the couple!

Lyndsey + Kallie were such a blast to work with! They had a very laid back wedding, and were the most excited to let loose and dance.

Tell us about the ceremony!

They had their ceremony in a cute little church, because it was extremely important to them both coming from southern upbringings. A family friend officiated.

What was the best part of the wedding?

Just watching the two of them dance and have the time of their lives was my favorite part.

What advice would you like to impart on our Queerly Beloved readers?

Find a photographer that you can trust to put you at ease throughout your day - your photos are so important, and you want to know that you'll connect beforehand, so definitely organize a meeting in person if you're not already doing an engagement session.


Dresses: BHLDN // https://www.bhldn.com // @bhldn