Rashida & Alicia

A beautiful and colorful wedding celebrating two amazing queens!


Ali & Michele

A binational love that proves love can conquer any distance, circumstance, or law. 


Lyndsey & Kelly

Throwing traditions out the window, these brides promise a lifetime supply of love, laughter, and Prince!


Ashley & Hope

An elevated DIY bohemian theme, breakfast for dinner, and a wall of donuts!


Angelica & Olivia

A stunning intimate wedding that honored Mexican traditions and created new traditions in the process.


Kallie & Lyndsey

An intimate wedding complete with food trucks, rainbow socks, and a cookie buffet!

Red Aspen Photography-350.jpg

Sylvia & Katie

A grandmother for a flower girl, an officiating father, and poems read by mom- this wedding is all about family!

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 1.46.55 PM.png

Allie & Danella

Two nature loving nomads share their love story and what marriage means to them.


Nate & Chris

A sweet little proposal with plenty of love and pie!


Marlen & Jesus

Handwritten vows, a dog in a bowtie (who was also their witness), and the Sand Dunes at sunset!