Marlen & Jesus



A beautiful elopement submitted to us from their incredible photographer, D, of River & Root Photography

Tell us about the couple!

Marlen and Jesus live in Atlanta, and Marlen is a travelling nurse that was stationed in Denver, so they thought it was the perfect time and place to elope!  They brought along their French Bulldog, Archie, and had him stamp his paw on the marriage certificate as a witness.

What was the best part of the wedding?

The best part of the elopement was after they had said their vows; the sun was setting, it was incredibly quiet, and they got to run around the dunes in pure joy and take it all in.

What advice would you like to impart on our Queerly Beloved readers?

Don't be afraid to break wedding norms/traditions! Ask your couple what's most important to them, and how they want their day to look/what things they'd like to incorporate or not. Reassure them that however they want their engagement, elopement, wedding, etc to go, is how it should go.

What traditions or rituals (if any) were incorporated into the wedding?

What traditions or rituals (if any) were incorporated into the wedding?

The couple wrote their own vows for the ceremony and recited them to each other on the dunes.  They also did a first look, and each got ready on opposite sides of their Jeep beforehand.

Tell us about the ceremony!

The ceremony took place on a sand dune, at sunset.  It was an unusually warm/windless day on the dunes; we set up a blanket and a lantern.  They recited their vows, signed their certificate, popped a bottle and had a big kiss as a married couple!


Everything was DIY, friends and family, and etsy-purchased.  They even got their suits from Amazon and had them tailored locally!

Photography: D. Fritz, River & Root Photography // @riverandroot