Rashida & Alicia



Check out these beautiful and colorful brides submitted to us by their photographer, Caity MacLeod of Captured by Caity

Tell us about the couple!

Rashida and Alicia were so much fun from beginning to end. During our planning, I asked them to sum up their wedding vibes into 3 words... their response: "big fucking party". And that's just what it was!

What was the ceremony like?

Their wedding was officiated by Henry, the friend responsible for introducing them! Rashida and Alicia both shared off the cuff vows and there was no shortage of happy tears.

What traditions or rituals were incorporated into the wedding?

They did not want a standard bridal party, with a fancy title that put restrictions on what to wear and damper on their favorite people's bank accounts. Instead, they invited 22+ of their friends to be their 'Wedding VIPs' with only a Navy Blue color scheme to keep in mind. I loved how ALL of their friends could be a part of the day without the pressure that comes with being in a wedding party. Rashida and Alicia coined Wedding VIPs, and I think it should really become a thing!

What was the best part of the wedding?

I loved how non-traditional and non-formal the day was. They kept it classy & cool in the morning, but once the dancefloor opened, Rashida's gangster shades came out and Alicia's dance moves went down... that was a party to remember!

What advice would you like to impart on our Queerly Beloved readers?

Remember that your wedding day is the one and only time in your life that you will have ALL your family and friends under one roof to celebrate YOU! Make sure you reserve time to soak it up and enjoy how special that is. You and your partner have chosen each other and your wedding should revolve around your happiness and love for one another. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Just happy and in looooove.


Photography // Captured by Caity
Cake/Dessert // Cake Life

DJ  //  Volve Revolver

Makeup //  Beke Beau

Hair  // Rosavan (cruelty-free) // Deanna Davis //  Tara Gibson

Catering  //  Sweet Lucy's

Dresses  //  Laura and Leigh Bridal

Bride's Shoes  //  YesCustom

Jewelry/Rings  //  Brilliant Earth